Meals at Carraw

Food and Drink

To set you up for a good start to your day we will serve you with a hearty Carraw breakfast, served in our dining room filled with the aroma of fair trade coffee, served in cafetieres, and fair trade tea, served in china teapots.

Why not end your day with an evening meal at Carraw Bed and Breakfast. Our meals are specially prepared from the finest local ingredients, purchased to ensure freshness, quality and flavour therefore we require 24 hours notice.

To give you complete flexibility, when you are out enjoying the Northumberland countryside, or roaming the Roman sites, we can provide you with individual packed lunches.

If there are any special dietary requirements please contact us and we will do our best to satisfy them.


Evening Meal

Packed Lunch

Food and Drink

To find out more please call
on 01434 689857